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Retail Associate Jobs

A Retail Associate is responsible for maintaining outstanding customer service, assisting customers with sales, generating sales, and other merchandising tasks.

Loss Prevention / Security Jobs

Security and Loss Prevention is responsible for the investigation and prevention of shoplifting, package pilferage, embezzlement, check fraud, and activities.

Buyer and Purchasing Jobs

Retail purchasing and buyers purchase finished goods and services a company or organization needs to either resell to customers or for its own internal use.

Store Cashier Jobs

Cashiers are responsible for totaling the amount due for a purchase, charging the consumer for that amount, and then collecting payment for the goods.

Store / Retail Management Jobs

Retail management plans advertising campaigns and sales promotions, hires and trains employees, controls inventories, and implements store procedures and policies.

Merchandising Jobs

Merchandising refers to the methods, practices, and operations conducted to promote and sustain certain categories of commercial activity in a retail store.

Stock Clerk / Warehouse Jobs

Stock clerks receive and store merchandise or equipment in stores, warehouses, and factories. They control the flow of supplies in and out of stockrooms and warehouses.

Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service Associates may engage in a multitude of retail related service duties including returns, sales, customer service, and customer activities.

Retail Human Resources Jobs

Retail Human Resources provides a range of HR services such as training and development, health and safety, recruitment, employee relations, employee relations, etc.

Seasonal, Holiday, Temp Jobs

Since the busiest retail selling time of the year revolves around holidays or seasons, many stores hire seasonal, part-time, and temporary staff for various retail tasks.

Retail Promotions Jobs

Retail promotions and marketing develops sales promotion ideas, consumer engagements, branding, and promotional advertising for retail establishments.